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Connecting Foundation, Community & Leadership

WHat we Do and How we do it!

ReCreate is designed to offer consultative services to organizations that need support in the creation of programs and services, professional development and strategic direction.

ReCreate believes in a comprehensive approach to the healthy growth of an organization.

This approach focuses on the connectivity of three components: foundation, community, and leadership.

Very strong tree roots , Solid foundation


Our foundation is the roots which nourishes growth and provides an opportunity for sustainability. Like the roots of a tree, the roots of a healthy organization are dependent on its foundation. A strong foundation is created by our community and supported by our leaders.

Community Cooperation


Our community strengthens our foundation and is the means to the growth of a healthy organization. Our community is one of the most important connecting points between foundation and leadership.

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Leadership provides the opportunity to empower the community and strengthen the foundation. Leaders recognize the assets of their community and nourish them to become a means of growing a healthy organization

Our Support


ReCreate provides a number of services to assist in the growth of your organization.

ReCreate will work with your team to ensure that these services are designed to meet

your specific goals.


Acheive your Goals!

ReCreate provides virtual and in-person interactive training sessions and workshops that will provide the skills and tools for sustainable programs and services, strengthening capacity and team building.

The following are examples of our sessions:

Connecting Foundation, Community & Leadership - What it is all About!

Creating Change Through Community Development

Strengthening Your Capacity

Grant Proposal Writing

Program Development, Implementation & Evaluation

Intro to Strategic Planning

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Strategic PLanning

Foundation, Community & Leadership

ReCreate believes that creating a strong foundation, which is built on strategic direction and community engagement, will create the path to reaching goals.

The Strategic Planning lens should be applied to all projects. From program specific development, engagement strategies to multi-year master plans. Strategic Planning is a valuable tool and asset for any organization or municipality. Strategic Planning has often been seen as must for more urban municipalities and large scale organizations. But the truth is strategic planning equals efficiency, accountability and sustainability for all projects.

Business people strategizing during planning meeting

Project Specific

What are your Needs?

The ReCreate team will work with your team on any projects that are identified as a need. If there is a particular area or project that you are seeking assistance with that is not specifically offered, we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can work together. Such as work plan creation, setting goals and objectives and program evaluation.



Moving Forward

Using a combination of Asset Mapping and Strategic Planning ReCreate will identify your organizations strengths and weaknesses, and assess the organizations needs.

This will lead the way to the development of a strategic plan to build and strengthen capacity.

Discussing project tasks

Grant Proposal Development

Research, Writing & More

Human capacity is one of the largest barriers that organizations have as it relates to accessing funding opportunities. ReCreate will provide support to break down this barrier by working with your team in the research, writing and application of grant proposals.

ReCreate also offers support, if successful in funding, by creating project specific work plans and evaluation frameworks, and can provide guidance for the necessary follow-up reporting.


Engagement Strategies

Explore, Engage & Empower

Organizations often struggle with the engagement of their demographic. ReCreate will work with your team on the creation of an engagement strategy that is developed by exploring, engaging and empowering.

multi ethnic disabled people community with pencils

Creating Solutions Through Community Development

Support, Empowerment & Action

ReCreate will work with your team by creating solutions to issues that are project and/or organization specific. Viewing an issue through a community development lens creates effective and sustainable solutions that are guided by support, empowerment and action.

Tasks for business development

Program Development

Development, Implementation & Evaluation

ReCreate will work with your team on the creation of complete program resource which will follow the ReCreate Program Framework. This framework is built on the identified need for a specific program and leads the way to strategically developing, implementing and evaluating a program. The end product is a detailed resource that provides; clear direction on a specific program, accountability and efficiency.

Team-Building Games for Active Kids at Kindergarten
Working together

Combined Service Opportunity

Strengthening Human Capacity

If your organization is faced with the lack of human capacity barrier and as a result unable to reach your full potential, then combining services may be a great opportunity.


The Team!

Jennifer Janes

Lead Consultant & Owner

Throughout Jennifer’s education, professional and personal life she has had the opportunity to develop a strong knowledge and skill base in the areas of research, report writing, consulting, community and stakeholder engagement and project management. She is a practitioner that has the ability to view the field through a theoretical lens, adapt and put into action.

Jennifer has great experience working in public organizations and knowledge of government processes; she has worked in recreation/social services in the provincial, municipal, and social service sectors. She has instructed both the Community Development in Recreation/Therapeutic Recreation and Recreation Programming and Evaluation courses for the school of Human Kinetics and Recreation, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. Jennifer has been successful in her work on several projects, which include strategic priorities and planning, policy development, community program and service management as well as comprehensive recreation/social programs.

Jennifer has an extensive educational and professional training background, which includes a Bachelor of Recreation (Honours) degree (Minor in Sociology) from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador and a certificate in Event Management through New Brunswick Community College. In addition, she has completed the requirements for a certificate in the Fundamentals of Project Management and has completed training in Canadian Evaluation Society, NL Chapter: Essential Skills and Public Policy and Evaluation. She has successfully received Lean Green Belt Certification which has provided her with the knowledge base in continuous improvement initiatives that focuses on reducing waste, improving overall performance, and working towards making the process better and more efficient. Jennifer has experience and abilities in developing and implementing risk management plans; financial skills (financing, budgeting methods and fiscal accountability); planning skills (application of principles of research and data analysis for assessment, planning and evaluation processes). She is working towards her Masters in Kinesiology & Recreation (recreation component, focus on community development) in which she has completed the following courses at the Masters level: Advance Qualitative Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods, Comprehensive School Health, Aging and Leisure, completed an independent study and developed a review manual of Recreation Service Delivery for Older Adults.

Jennifer's passion for community development was the driving force behind the creation of ReCreate Consulting Services. Having the ability to assist organizations in reaching their goals by providing professional skills and knowledge has been a dream since she started her education in the recreation and community development field. Jennifer is excited to work with organizations in strengthening their capacity and developing their communities.

Tiffany Hepditch

Tiffany Hepditch has fifteen years experience in the not-for-profit sector, specializing in community development, executive-level project management and oversight of organizational administration and financial operations. Tiffany has extensive experience delivering a range of diverse and complex community-based and client-centred projects as well as demonstrated expertise in grant/proposal writing, strategic planning, capacity building, community engagement and outreach, job creation and policy development.

She has completed formal training in the technology field and also received her international TESOL teaching certification and license in 2002. She spent five years teaching English as a second language overseas in the public and private school system before returning to the province in 2008 and beginning her career in community development. Tiffany is passionate about creating and strengthening vibrant and inclusive communities with particular interest in recreational development opportunities. Her expertise in economic and social development is dedicated to driving positive progress and helping communities reach their full potential.

She’s an avid collaborator and has been involved in community development in varying capacities including as a Board member, volunteer and consultant to advance community opportunities from a grassroots approach.

Tiffany brings a wealth of knowledge, creativity and experience to the table and is also adept in implementing government funded development initiatives and programs. She is dedicated and committed to ensuring communities have access to the resources, support and opportunities needed for growth and success

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